Heartburn and Reflux for Dummies paperback book 

Heartburn & Reflux for Dummies
by Carol Ann Rinzler and Dr. Ken DeVault.

Map out a plan to stop hurting, start healing, and enjoy food again!

If you or someone you love suffers from heartburn, you know that it can be very disruptive to your daily life. Most heartburn sufferers say it stops them from enjoying food. Others say it keeps them from getting a good night’s sleep, it makes it hard to concentrate at work, and it interferes with family activities.

Sound familiar? Don't worry. Heartburn is a pain, but it can be helped. If you've had it with heartburn and reflux, this friendly guide helps you get an accurate diagnosis and work with your physician to receive the most effective treatment available. You'll see how to time your meals and develop healthy habits to reduce your pain triggers, as well as explore home remedies and alternative medicine.

Heartburn & Reflux For Dummies is the plain-English guide to relief for you if you've been recently diagnosed with heartburn or reflux, if you suspect you may suffer from it, or if you're concerned about your loved ones. This comprehensive book shows you how to recognize symptoms, get an accurate diagnosis, and work with a physician to receive the most effective treatment available. You'll see how to: Get your symptoms under control Find the right physician Reduce stress and fine-tune your diet Avoid medicines that trigger upset Decide if surgery is right for you This friendly guide explains what the various forms of reflux are, as all too often reflux is either self-treated or mistreated and followed by serious complications. There’s detailed information on building a comfortable lifestyle by reducing stress, improving your diet, controlling portions, and timing your meals to minimize heartburn and reflux. Plus, this sensitive guide even covers heartburn in infants, children, and the elderly.

You'll also discover:
-How to heal the esophagus of inflammation or injury, as well as manage or prevent complications
-The latest information on prescription medications and side effects
-Healthy habits to adopt to reduce your pain triggers
-Helpful home remedies and alternative medicine
-The special risks and remedies for heartburn during pregnancy
-The side effects and complications associated with surgery

Complete with a catalog of heartburn medicines and a list of reliable Web sites for people with digestive disorders, Heartburn & Reflux For Dummies is your one-stop guide to stopping the hurt, starting to heal, and enjoying food again!

Carol Ann Rinzler writes a nutrition column for the New York Daily News and has authored more than 20 books.
Ken DeVault, MD is coauthor of the American College of Gastroenterology's official guideline statements on the diagnosis and treatment of GERD

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