OKDnet Emporium News

OKDnet Emporium NEWS

This is the OKDnet Emporium NEWS category of our blog. It's where we'll share general info about us, as well as any news about the OKDnet Emporium business, the website, etc. You might find some behind the scenes info, or possibly occasional personal news we are comfortable sharing. If you didn't already know, we are a small family business. We think there are some real benefits and good reasons for shopping small family businesses (especially ours :-), and you may too. If so, we suspect you may be interested in occasionally hearing about such stuff, so this is where we'll share it. We think you'll find it a little bit more personal and "real" than a short "About Us" blurb, and therefore a worthwhile addition to the OKDnet Emporium website.

Regards and God Bless!