"I Wish I'd Said That!" How to Talk Your Way Out of Trouble and Into Success

Paperback Book "I Wish I'd Said That!"
How to Talk Your Way Out of Trouble and Into Success

by Linda McCallister, PhD

This practical, power-communication guide gives you innovative, flexible strategies for controlling interpersonal conflict...earning promotions...getting out of hot water...securing the job you want...and much more. Dr. McCallister shows you how to talk to people the way they want and need-so they respond positively, getting you the results you want.

you'll learn...
  • How to identify the six major styles of communication: Noble, Socratic, Reflective, Magistrate, Candidate, and Senator
  • How to use communication style to control the outcome of important interactions and get others to do what you want without generating resentment
  • How to deal with difficult colleagues like "the boss from hell" or people who expect you to read their minds and never come out and say exactly what they want
  • How to handle sensitive issues such as sexual harassment, personal hygiene, firings, salary negotiations, and motivation during tough economic times
  • How to measure your own style of communication using this book's unique Communication Style Profile test

In the pages of this fascinating and practical guide, you'll not only recognize yourself but everyone you work and live with, and you'll learn how to deal with them with flair and aplomb-and you'll never again walk away from an interaction saying, "I wish I'd said that!"

Linda McCallister is a motivational speaker who holds a PhD in organizational communication from Purdue University. She is currently (at the time of the books publication) Dean of the College of Business Administration at Christopher Newport University

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