Sta-Rite well pump starter 230 volt single phase 3/4 HP electronic motor starter

230 volt single phase 60hz electronic motor starter
Sta-Rite well pump starter

This Sta-Rite Industries starter is a well pump starter, but could possibly be used as a motor starter and switch to start/stop any electronic motor requiring a Start Capacitor to start with an electronic relay for the switch (assuming the motor specs and this device specs are compatible i.e. motor is 3/4 HP or less, 220/230 Volt single phase, etc. ).

  • Sta-Rite Industries Inc.
  • MOD: IP4D02-04
  • SER: D851
  • Volts: 230
  • HP: 3/4
  • Max Amp: 8.3
  • RPM: 3450

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