Genuine Vanguard QS-29/QS-36 Quick Release Camera Plate

Quick Release Plate QS-29 / QS-36 to attach a camera to many compatible Vanguard tripods (listed below)

Strong metal plate with rubber non-slip top, alignment pin, and thumb/coin screw

Compatible with the following Vanguard products:
  • ABEO 203AV
  • Espod 203AP
  • Espod 233AP
  • Espod Plus 203AP
  • Espod Plus 233AP
  • Espod Plus 203AB
  • Espod CX 204AGH
  • Espod 203AGH
  • Espod CX 204AP
  • Espod CX 203AP
  • SBH-20
  • PH-111V
  • PH-30
  • PH-20
  • PH-222
  • PH-304
  • Alta CA Series

Data sheet

To Fit
Smartphone (with adapter)

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