Custom Quick Release Plate for use on Ideal Stabilizer VID-1001 tripod

Use to quickly attach/release a camera to/from an Ideal The Stabilizer Video VID-1001 tripod

Custom modification to camera quick release plate for the Video VID-1001 tripod by Ideal, with a non-slip surface.
This plate ONLY FITS the VID-1001 model by Ideal. Ideal has other models that use DIFFERENT plate (several of which we have).

Now you can keep your well made quality older tripod in service!

Note: The original plate is LONG DISCONTINUED. The modified plate is also discontinued, so when supplies run out, this will no longer be available. Order Now while you can.

A quick release plate will attach to the camera's tripod mount and allows you to quickly and easily attach or remove the camera from a compatible tripod without having to waste time fumbling with the threaded mount.

Having the same number of quick release plates as the number of cameras and/or large telephoto lenses in use allows you to leave one on each, enabling the rapid change of equipment with minimal fuss, essential for the professional or advanced amateur photographer. Always good to have a spare.

Do you use your smartphone as a camera?
If you would like to attach it to your tripod, we also have a Tripod Cellphone holder Smartphone adapter available now in our store here


Data sheet

To Fit
Smartphone (with adapter)

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