Hoodman Hoodeye oversized eyecup Model H-EYEC18

for Canon EOS 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 1Ds, MARK II, 1D MARK II,  REBEL T2i / 550D, REBEL T1i / 500D, REBEL XS / 1000D, REBEL XSi / 450D, REBEL XTi / 400D, REBEL XT / 350D, DIGITAL REBEL / 300D.

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Handy accessory and also a great gift idea.

New large eyecup comfortably seals out ambient light. Reaches back to cover light leaks

Self Locking mount keeps eyecup in place Slides over eyepiece mounting rails Eyecup rotates to accommodate right or left eyed shooters 

Hypoallergenic silicon rubber eyecup HoodEye links your eye to the camera for improved viewfinder optics. 
Easily upgrade your camera eyepiece in seconds. 
Unique self locking mount system keeps HoodEYE eyecup securely in place. 
The HoodEYE eyecup rotates to accommodate both right and left eyed shooters.
Now see your subject clearly in any lighting situation.  

The Hoodman HEYEC18 fits all the units like the Canon EB eyecup but provides much more stray light protection. 

Compatibility Chart:

HoodEYE/SLR Camera Model Compatibility Chart
NEW confirmed cameras that are compatible The letter "G" after model number is for Glasses      H-EYEN22RH-EYEN22SH-EYEC18H-EYEC22H-EYEC18LHEYESHEYENRGHEYENSGHEYEC18GHEYEC22GHEYEC18LGHEYESG      NIKON ROUNDNIKON SQUARECANON STANDARDCANON LARGERCANON LONGSONY EYEPIECEEYEPIECEEYEPIECEEYEPIECEEYEPIECEEYEPIECE      D1D750**10D1D MARK III6DALPHA 7D2D61020D1Ds MARK III5DALPHA 7 IID2XD60030D7D5D MARKIIALPHA 7RD3 D300, D300s40D7D MARK IIREBEL T3 / 1100DALPHA 7R IID3xD20050D1D MARK IV ALPHA 7SD3sD10060D**5D MARK III ALPHA 7S IID4D9070D**5D MARK IV  D4sD8080D**1D-X A77D5D70, D70s1D1D C A77 IID500D601D MARK II5DS A99D700D501Ds MARK II5DS R A65D800D40, D40xREBEL SL1 / 100D1D x MARK II A57D810A, D810, D810ED3000REBEL T5 / 1200D  A58AND ALL VARIATIONS OF EACH MODEL X SD3100, D3200REBEL T5i / 700D   F100D3300** REBEL T4i / 650D   F5D3400** REBEL T3i / 600D   F6D7000 & D7100 REBEL T2i / 550D   DFD7200 REBEL T1i / 500D    D5000** & D5100**REBEL XS / 1000D    D5300**REBEL XSi / 450D    D5200**REBEL XTi / 400D    D5600**REBEL XT / 350D      REBEL / 300D     REBEL T6s / 760D     REBTL T6i / 750D     REBEL T6 / 1300   **LCD MUST REMAIN CLOSED

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