Sunpak Action-3BB Action Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro

GoPro Action Camera Accessory Kit by Sunpak head tripod mounts suction cup pouch

The Sunpak 4 piece Action Camera Accessory Kit complements select GoPro cameras by providing you with a range of mounting accessories that can help you get the shot you are after. The kit includes a adjustable size head mount for hands-free shooting with the camera mounted just above your eyes. The kit also includes a suction cup 3-axis articulating mount for mounting to glass or other flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces, and tripod mounting adapter that allows you to easily mount your camera on a tripod or monopod. All three pieces have been designed and tested to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer accessories for strength and durability. Also included is storage pouch to hold all the accessories.

Head Mount

The head mount features an adjustable band that fits around the side of your head and another adjustable band that goes over the top of your head from front to back. The front of the mount features a 3-Prong compatible mount that allows you to attach your camera (in a case) and adjust the tilt of the camera from straight ahead to straight down. 

Suction Cup

The suction cup attaches to flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces and features three points of articulation, allowing two points of tilt and the third point for horizon adjustment. These adjustments are set and secured by a friction locking knob. It has an integrated 3-prong compatible mount and features a simple lever to create the vacuum.

Tripod Mount

This is a simple 3-prong to female threaded hole for mounting your camera on a tripod or monopod.

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Mounting Accessory Kit
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Kit Contents
Head Mount
Storage Pouch
Suction Cup Mount
Tripod Mount

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