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2 oz Beard Oil OKDnet Handmade Essentials w/ 100% natural & organic ingredients

2 ounces Beard Oil with 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients by OKDnet Handmade Essentials

OKDnet Handmade Essentials Beard Oil is lightweight & is made to help relieve itch and dandruff.
The ingredient castor oil may help hair growth. OKDnet Handmade Essentials Beard Oil is a lightweight beard oil is made to help sooth and condition, making your beard more manageable with a healthy appearance and shine. It has a nice light scent. OKDnet Handmade Essentials Beard Oil is Plain, Simple & Pure.

Skin is the human body's largest organ. Skin absorbs a large percentage of what you put on it. What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our body both affect the well being of our entire body. We know you don't want chemicals in your Beard or on your skin. That is why OKDnet Handmade Essentials Beard Oil is made with no added chemicals, fillers, artificial colors or fragrance! Just pure organic & natural ingredients.

Ingredients & Benefits:

Castor oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is high in vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and omega-6 and -9 beneficial fatty acids. When applied to the scalp, it is believed to enhance the health of the hair follicles and, in turn, promote hair growth (as well as protect against hair loss).
Cedarwood oil is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It may also help skin conditions like acne. Cedarwood oil is also believed to be beneficial for other skin conditions too.
Organic Olive Oil – is believed to be moisturizing and soothing to skin.
Avocado oil is believed to help provide the hydration your skin needs to heal itself, while also providing a protective layer to help prevent more damage from occurring. It's said to help fight the signs of aging & also said to have the nutrients your skin cells need to repair themselves.
Organic Lavender Essential Oil – is believed to be a great pain reliever as well as treatment for minor burns.
GMO & Soy free Vegetable Glycerine is believed to be a natural emollience.
Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E

Put a small amount into your palm and rub between your hands. Apply onto beard from root to tip. Comb or brush in.

For best results, store in a cool, dark place and use within six months of purchase. Make sure you put the top back on the product tightly between uses

Sale is for beard oil only. Props seen in photos are not included. If you have any questions, please ask before ordering.

Please refer to all photos as they are part of the description and stated condition.
Sale is for described item only. Props seen in photos are not included. If uncertain, please ask before ordering.

* Disclaimer:
At OKDnet Handmade Essentials we believe we provide gentle, healthy and non-irritating products for the skin. However, you should read and must agree to the following:
For External use only. Before use please use on a small area first to assure the user is not allergic to any ingredient. Should irritation occur discontinue use. OKDnet accepts no responsibility or liability for any adverse individual reaction to any particular ingredient resulting directly or indirectly from the use of our products. Purchasing any products signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases OKDnet from all liability.

The product and information contained herein are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical problems. Claims for the effectiveness of this product has not been evaluated or approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

RETURN POLICY: due to Health & Hygienic Reasons, this item may not be returned!
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