All natural & organic Paw's and Tail's Oh So Doggy Salve

Paw's and Tail's All natural & organic Oh So Doggy Salve

Help with or prevent your dog from getting ''ruff'' skin or dry cracked paw pads!

Dog’s skin is thinner than ours. 95% is covered in fur. Dog skin makes up about 12% of your dog’s total body weight. Dog skin is part of a bodily system called the integumentary system. This includes the nails, earflaps, ear canals, fur and various glands like sweat, anal, tail and lymph. It provides a barrier holding muscles, internal organs, bones and connective tissue inside the body giving dogs their flexible shape. Dogs skin stores vitamins, fats, proteins and electrolytes while synthesizing vitamin D. It also prevents dehydration, regulates temperature, excretes water, salt and organic waste. Skin isn’t just a body blanket. It serves a functioning purpose and contributes to your dog’s vitality. That’s why it’s so important to make sure what we put on our dogs skin is just as important as what we put in their bodies. Both affect the well being of the entire body. We know you don't want chemicals on their skin. That is why OKDnet Handmade Essentials Paw's and Tail's Oh So Doggy Salve is made with no added chemicals, fillers, artificial colors or fragrance! Just pure organic & natural ingredients.

Dog Paws befor & after

Shea Butter - believed to have natural healing properties that can help reduce scars. Shea butter is rich in vitamin A which is believed to help to increase skin elasticity.
Calendula Extract - Is said to repair and protect skin it is said to be anti-inflammatory, soothing and wound healing also mildly antiseptic. "Studies have shown that calendula influences the healing phase of skin by stimulating skin cell turnover and decreasing the time it takes for skin to repair.
Coconut Oil - is Skin softening and protecting oil. It has been shown to also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to heal wounds, blisters and rashes. The fatty acids in the coconut oil help to may prevent fungal and bacterial infections, making it an excellent salve for healthy skin.
Olive Oil - Rich in antioxidants, It is shown to be a superior moisturizer and healing, full of healthy fats, skin -regenerating phenolic antioxidants, vitamin E, squalene, omega -9 oleic acid.
Lavender - very calming and believed to be used to reduce the signs of scars.
Beeswax - is believed to form a protective layer on top of the skin while still allowing air flow without clogging pores also believed to Promotes new, healthy skin growth. Hydrates, softens and calms the skin. is said to be an antibacterial agent.

At OKDnet Handmade Essentials it is essential to us to make plain, simple, pure and natural products.
All OKDnet Handmade Essentials products are made in small batches and are made with high quality organic & natural products. OKDnet Handmade Essentials never use harsh or unnecessary ingredients. Less is more to us. We make it Plain, Simple & Pure.
We believe in and use all of our own products. We wouldn't sell something we personally don't use.

* Disclaimer:
At OKDnet Handmade Essentials we believe we provide gentle, healthy and non-irritating products for the skin. However, you should read and must agree to the following:
For External use only. Before use please use on a small area first to assure the user is not allergic to any ingredient. Should irritation occur discontinue use. OKDnet accepts no responsibility or liability for any adverse individual reaction to any particular ingredient resulting directly or indirectly from the use of our products. Purchasing any products signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases OKDnet from all liability.

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Calendula Extract
Coconut Oil
Lavender (Lavandula)
Olive Oil
Organic Beeswax
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