Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition Game for Windows PC DVD 2 Discs +key

Flight Simulator game (PC, 2006) w/ Product Key

From award winning game developer ACES comes Flight Simulator X.

Includes the genre leading realism that continues to awe real pilots and serves as the graphical benchmark for games on Windows

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the tenth installment of the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator series of video games. It was released on October 10th, 2006 with both a standard version and a deluxe edition. Each version of the flight simulator had a base of 18 aircraft and 28 detailed cities, along with 24,000 real-world airports to use. The deluxe edition ups the number of planes to 24 and the number of detailed cities to 38.

It offers a realistic simulation experience and features 24 planes and 38 cities. In addition to free play, this is the first game to offer missions that serve as objectives and tutorials. Players can also save their games where they left off and proceed from whichever airport they last landed at.

This deluxe edition offers a wealth of features you won't find anywhere else. The planes and places within the game are highly detailed with an emphasis on a realistic flight. Each plane is carefully modeled, with physics, acceleration, and handling as close as possible to the real machines. Graphical fidelity has been improved. The system takes advantage of the increased power and rendering capability of DirectX 10 and more modern hardware systems. The result is more realistic graphics. In terms of visual acuity, the software is limited only by the system on which it is running.Flight Simulator X, also known as FSX, is designed to work with most modern flight simulation accessories. These include flight sticks, joysticks, flight control assemblies, and even full cockpit approximation setups. All plane controls are fully mappable and can be changed to accommodate right- or left-handed persons. Visual feedback on the screen includes all gauges and indicators to enable the player to understand their plane. This includes navigational aids such as GPS, radio navigation, and simulated air traffic control chatter. Players can also exit the aircraft on the ground and check the plane, performing authentic pre-flight checks. This deluxe FSX edition offers players a sandbox to experiment outside of the missions. There are no restrictions on aircraft choice or objectives. Players can fly anywhere within the city of their choosing. They can then return to the landing strip any time before their fuel runs out. Fuel, the wind, and weather conditions can be adjusted. These have influences on the behavior and handling of the plane. The selection of planes is intended to offer pilots the maximum number of types to choose from. Choices include commercial airliners, small private commuter crafts, and professional stunt planes. All of the planes are officially licensed and produced with the assistance of their manufacturers. This FSX edition is a simulator that offers gamers a chance to fly from home. Straightforward and intuitive, this edition of the game was designed by Microsoft to be approachable while providing advanced simulator options. FSX also has a unique multiplayer mode where a player can serve as air traffic controller.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Deluxe Edition

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