Clever Endeavor The Game of Clever Clues - Master Game Deluxe Edition (1989)

Complete Master Game Deluxe Edition Board Game
Clever Endeavor -The Game of Clever Clues

By The Games Gang, Ltd., makers of many other great games including the popular Pictionary games

Object of the Clever Endeavor game is to be the first player to move one's playing piece from start to the winner's circle by solving the Clever Clues as they are read aloud.
Every card has a subject (Person place or thing) and six clues leading to the answer. The cards are double sided. Players in turn read the clues to the other players. Getting the answer in fewer clues scores more points for the other players, so as the reader, you want to read the most misleading or difficult clues first. Players are allowed to guess after each clue, one guess per clue, up to two clues without being penalized. A third incorrect guess will move a player back one space on the board. Correct answers are worth between six points and one point. The first player to reach the top of his or her path on the board wins. The unique game board has a separate but identical path for each player, up to eight players maximum.

A unique game that will make you think, and sometimes have you completely stumped.

Clever Endeavor incorporates a select combination of the best board game features.
Strategy - Risk taking is rewarded, but you will move backwards if you're not careful.
Skill - The clues range from playful fancy to perceptive insights, and can be answered by anyone at any time.
Chance - Just enough to keep you from resting on your laurels. Participation - Everyone is included in the action.

Hours and hours of fun, laughs and learning.

More about Clever Endeavor Game:
  • Ordinary people from all over the world contributed by sending in this game's 1,000 clues
  • Clues range from playful fancy to perceptive insight; anyone can guess at any time
  • Risk taking is rewarded but you move backward if not careful
  • Involves just enough risk to keep you from resting on your laurels

For ages 12 through adult
2 to 8 players or up to 32 with teams
Clues Set Volume 1

  • Playing Board
  • Box of Clue Cards w/ ~475 Clue Cards plus 24 Blue Venture Cards
  • 8 Playing Pieces
  • Storage Bag
  • Instructions w/ The Clever Endeavor Story
Contents: Playing Board, Clue Card Box, 24 Blue Venture Cards, 475 Clue Cards, 8 Playing Pieces, Storage Bag, Instructions

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Board in excellent condition. Contents: Playing Board, Box of Clue Cards w/ 24 Blue Venture Cards (counted) plus ~475 Clue Cards, 8 Playing Pieces, Storage Bag, Instructions w/ The Clever Endeavor Story.

Data sheet

Recommended Age Range
Game Type
Board Game
Min. Number of Players
2 players

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