Unique Decorative Plate Wall Décor Signed by Renowned artist Chuck Fisher

Unique Decorative Plate by Renowned Artist Chuck Fischer

Description: Discover the exclusive charm of this one-of-a-kind 6 sided Decorative Plate, masterfully signed by the acclaimed artist Chuck Fischer. Known for his intricate designs and architectural expertise, Fischer’s work is a celebration of color and form, making each piece a coveted collectible.

His dedication to fine art and geometric mixed media abstractions is evident in the plate’s design and Pentagon shape, which resonates with the same creative spirit seen in his broader portfolio.


  • Signature: Each plate comes with Chuck Fischer’s authentic signature, a seal of exclusivity and artistic brilliance.
  • Design: Inspired by Fischer’s architectural background and rich design history, the plate features a unique pattern and Pentagon shape that stands out in any collection.
  • Craftsmanship: With meticulous attention to detail, this plate exemplifies the high-quality craftsmanship synonymous with Chuck Fischer’s decorative art pieces.

Collector’s Note: 
Chuck Fischer’s artistry extends beyond, bringing a touch of elegance to everyday objects. His works are featured at atlanticgallery.org, including this decorative plate, are a blend of functionality and fine art, perfect for discerning collectors and enthusiasts of unique home decor. This exquisite plate is a testament to Fischer’s artistic journey,

For more insights into Chuck Fischer’s art, his journey, and updates on his latest creations, consider visiting his Facebook page and/or his Instagram.

In addition, he apparently has (or had) websites at chuckfischer.com and chuckfischerstudio.com although at the time of this writing, both appear to be either broken and/or not properly maintained.

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Chuck Fisher
1 Item
Very nice without chips or crazing, and ready for display.

Data sheet

Country/Region of Manufacture
United States
Collector Plate
All Occasions
21st Century (2000-now)

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