The Family Library of Beautiful Listening : International Dance Festival
by Longines Symphonette Society

International DanceFestival 3 LP BoxSet Family Library of Beautiful Listening V7

33RPM LP 3 Vinyl Record Box Set, Volume 10

The Longines Symphonette Society presents this 3 LP Box Set Volume 7 entitled “International Dance Festival ”, part of The Family Library of Beautiful Listening 20 Volume Series.

Step into a world of rhythm and celebration with the “International Dance Festival,” the seventh volume in the Family Library of Beautiful Listening series. This captivating 3 LP box set is a festive compilation that brings together the pulsating beats and vibrant melodies of dance music from around the globe.

From the energetic steps of Eastern Europe to the graceful movements of Asia, each record is a passport to the world’s dance floors. The music promises to transport listeners to international festivals, where every beat and note is a reflection of the world’s diverse dance heritage.

Cover Art: The album cover is a snapshot of joy and festivity, featuring a lively scene of people engaged in a circle dance, with balloons floating in the background, symbolizing a global celebration of dance and music.

Produced by: The Longines Symphonette Society 

Additional Information: This volume is a celebration of unity and joy through dance. It’s an invitation to explore the world without leaving the comfort of your home—a true cultural treasure for music lovers and dancers alike.

The album is in new, unopened condition, with the cover art vividly portraying the essence of international dance. It’s an essential addition for collectors and a treasure for those who love to experience the world through music and dance..

This is volume 10 of a 20 Volume Series. Please see my other listings for many more volumes.

Dance Of The Buffoons A1
Tarantella A2a
Arabian Dance A2b
Czardas A3a
Begin The Beguine A3b
Mexican Hat Dance B1
Norwegian Dance #2 B2
Russian Dance ("Petrouchka") B3
Slavonic Dance #8 (Dvorak) B4
Blue Tango B5
Dance Of The Comedians C1
Minuet In G (Paderewski) C2
Danse Boheme C3
Faust Ballet #7 C4
The Continental C5
Sabre Dance D1
Anitra's Dance D2
Minuet In G (Beethoven) D3
La Danzs D4
Tango In D D5
Trisch-Trasch Polka E1
Invitation To The Dance E2
Hungarian Dance #6 (Brahms) E3
Dance Trepak E4
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue E5
Can-Can F1
Scarf Dance (Delibes) F2
Dance Of The Hours F3
Slavonic Dance #1 (Dvorak) F4
Russian Sailors' Dance F5
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Sealed NOS

Data sheet

Country/Region of Manufacture
United States
Does not apply
Box Set
Original Cover
Original Inner Sleeve
Dancefloor Jazz
Case Type
Cardboard Sleeve
Stage & Screen
Record Label
Longines Symphonette Society
Release Year
Release Title
International Dance Festival
Record Size
33 RPM
Record Grading
Mint (M)
Sleeve Grading
Mint (M)
Inlay Condition
Mint (M)
Series Title
The Family Library of Beautiful Listening

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